A terrarium is a sealable, transparent vessel containing a growing medium, water, nutrients and plants. The sealed vessel creates a high humidity, micro-ecosystem perfect for plants originating from jungle biomes.

The primary killer of houseplants is from over or under watering. In sealed terrariums, water is recycled removing the need to water the plants. This makes a plant in a terrarium a perfect option for people who struggle to keep houseplants alive in their home. In addition, with the soil encapsulated, terrariums are the perfect option for offices that have a no-mess policy.

For these reasons I have made and sold terrariums over multiple years as well as delivering DIY terrarium workshops. The photos displayed are taken from a workshop I conducted for the London Airbnb team back in 2017. The gentleman in the blue and green checked shirt is Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb.

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