LLSM is an explorative hydroponic installation drawing inspiration from a baby incubator. Often hydroponic systems or component elements are hidden away in boxes. The idea behind LLSM is to explode these elements, displaying them more visually, with the aim to help communicate the technologies behind the system. LLSM consists of 14 integral elements required to grow a lettuce from a seedling to a full head, ready for harvest. The level of technology utilised in the system is surprising but is meant to commutate the potential complexity of ‘artificial growing techniques’.

1x lettuce plant
Water: 4 litres
Nutrient: part A 1ml, part B 1ml
Net pot
Rockwool cube
5 litre bucket
Air pump
Air stone
LEDs: 2x bright blue 460nm, 2x royal blue 440nm, 1x deep red 640-660nm
LED heat sink x5
Digital temperature, EC, pH meter
Digital temperature and humidity sensor
Extraction fan
100mm ducting
4 way power supply

LLSM was displayed during Diaspore’s Acoustic Mirrors show in April 2017. The installation ran for 3 weeks with a lettuce seedling being planted at the opening and a lettuce head harvested at the closed. Diaspore is a nomadic gallery space in London showcasing up and coming artist.