Glengell Wharf Garden (GWG) is a community garden located in Burges Park, just off the Old Kent Road in South London. The workshop connected GWG to a group of first year students at the Royal College of Art across multiple disciplines. The challenge was to design and fabricate a bicycle trailer in under a week, for GWG to start participating in outreach activates. The video above documents the activities during the week.

The week commenced with a visit to GWG to meet the community team and take a tour of the garden. With insights from GWG the students returned to the Royal College of Art for a series of ideation and prototyping workshops.

On the morning of day 3, Nina, a representative from GWG visited and the students presented their ideas and gained feedback. Then it was into building with the students splitting into three groups.
Group 1 tackled the chassis construction.
Group 2 focused on the storage unit.
Group 3 focused on the decoration and graphics.

The completed trailer, displayed below, was delivered to Glengell Wharf Garden with a warm reception.