Bucket-Ponics was created as an open design project and workshop demonstration tool. The whole system only costs £40 in build materials and is designs from readily accessible components that should be easily obtained from hardware stores or online.

Bucket-Ponics can be constructed using a drill, knife, scissors, heat gun, handsaw and jigsaw if available.

Bucket-Ponics is self-supporting with all channels mounted above the main reservoir preventing potential leakage.

Bucket-Ponics is under a meter in height, fitting easily on a table for demonstration purposes.

Bucket-Ponics is portable, enable for remote workshops and demos.

Bucket-Ponics contains all the elements of a larger hydroponic or aquaponic system. The skills learned when building Bucket-Ponics can be transferred into designing larger systems.

Bucket-Ponics was demoed live as part of the Tate Exchange program during the Digital Maker Collective’s take over of Level 5, Blavatnik Building, Tate, Modern.